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    Donald R. Winslow has had a lengthy career as a photojournalist, writer, picture editor, magazine editor, producer, and director of photography.

    He is currently NPPA Publications Editor, editing News Photographer magazine, the NPPA Web site, and the association's annual book. He is also a producer and a co-founder of New Media for Non Profits, a non-profit charity that does digital storytelling and consulting for other humanitarian, international charity organizations. During his career he has also been a graphics editor, a news designer, and a photography magazine and book editor.

    detroit Winslow has worked for the international news organization REUTERS and REUTERS NewMedia, as a photojournalist and editor based in Washington, DC, and New York City, along with The Palm Beach Post, The Pittsburgh Press, The Milwaukee Journal Co., The Republic, The Wabash Plain Dealer, and The Indiana Daily Student.

    At CNET Networks in San Francisco, he was the Director of Photography for CNET Online, and then later was the Media Archive Manager. Early in his career, he was a contributing photographer for The Associated Press and United Press International. While at REUTERS he worked on developing applications for digital technology and remote transmitting for traditional news assignments, such as the White House, inaugurations, and sporting events.

    In October 2002, Donald was one of the photojournalists assigned to document life in the military for the book "A Day In The Life Of The U.S. Armed Forces" by HarperCollins Publishers, produced by David Hume Kennerly and Matthew Naythons. His assignment was twenty-four hours in the life of the U.S. Navy's boot camp at Great Lakes, Illinois, including photographing Navy recruits in underwater training and survival drills and their final graduating test, an all-night exercise called "Battle Stations."

    romania His most recent in-depth photographic essay is this pediatric heart surgery mission to Bucharest, Romania, "Flight For Life" for Gift Of Life International, which was photographed, written and published live daily from the surgical suites and intensive care wards using digital cameras and laptop computers. After the exchange, Donald wrote and compiled this photo essay for his portfolio.

    His new charity venture, New Media for Non Profits, designs web strategies and web sites for non-profit organizations, humanitarian missions, and philanthropic groups and individuals whose goals and vision coincide with those of the founders. It is organized as a tax exempt charitable cause under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service tax code, and he co-founded NMNP with award-winning new media producer F.R. "Fritz" Nordengren of Des Moines, Iowa.

    In his 23 years as a photojournalist and editor, Donald has covered numerous Presidential and Congressional campaigns, been assigned to The White House and Capitol Hill during the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations, covered the Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, major league and college championship sporting events, the 30th anniversary of the revolution in Havana, Cuba, and other major news stories around the world. His experience as an early adopter of digital technologies and Internet capabilities led to experimenting with adapting traditional photographic methods and news coverage into the digital realm.

    donald,carter,fritz Donald's transition from print journalism to Internet publishing and digital photojournalism came with his assignment to Reuters NewMedia, a new division whose goal was to place traditional news products into the frontier of the Internet and online services, such as America Online, CompuServe, and Apple's eWorld. At Delphi Internet in Manhattan, Don worked with the joint venture of News Corp. and MCI Communications to develop prototypes of Internet-based news picture stories from wire service images and global television satellite feeds. This was followed by a leadership position with Rick Smolan's historic "24 Hours In Cyberspace" project in San Francisco in 1996, which broke new ground for instant global Internet photojournalism publishing. (In photo on left, Winslow with President Carter and F.R. "Fritz" Nordengren, co-founder of NMNP.org)

    As one of the contributing photographers and writers for the Internet-based project "Behind The Viewfinder: A Year In The Life Of Photojournalism", Donald continues to explore new ways of bringing photographs and stories to an audience while building a digital home for photojournalism on the Web.

    Winslow speaks at various national photojournalism and photography seminars, and throughout his career he has been active in photojournalism educational efforts as well as the National Press Photographers' Association and the White House News Photographers' Association. In 1999 he was a member of the Board of Directors for NPPA and in 1998 was elected Director of NPPA Region 10. Don also served as a charter member of the board of directors of Technicorps, an Atlanta-based volunteer organization of returned Peace Corps workers and employees of high-tech Internet companies who have the goal of bringing the information of the Internet to emerging economies.

    In Wisconsin, Donald edited and designed the Wisconsin News Photographers Association quarterly magazine "Backlight," and for REUTERS he designed and published the Overseas Press Club's annual magazine "DATELINE." In 1998, he edited and designed the documentary book "The Newtown Story: One Community's Fight For Environmental Justice" written by Ellen Griffith Spears and photographed by Michael A. Schwarz, which was published by The Center For Democratic Renewal and The Newtown Florists Club.

    Donald grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. He attended Indiana University in Bloomington and American University in Washington, D.C., where he studied religious history, theology, literary criticism, political science, journalism, photojournalism and forensics. Recently, before moving to Austin, TX, he studied in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies program at U.C. Berkeley.

    Recent projects he has done with NMNP can be seen here.

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    Top photograph by F.R. "Fritz" Nordengren
    Center photograph by Alyssa Cwanger
    Bottom photograph by Becky Carter